About Us

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Enotel Hotels & Resorts proudly offers unmatched hospitality and world-class service. Both our corporate team and the staff at all of our hotels in Madeira, Portugal and Porto de Galinhas, Brazil are dedicated to making your visit special.


Enotel Hotels & Resorts provides a personalized travel experience for our guests, and creates an unparalleled work environment for our employees – one that fosters growth, stability, and superb financial results for Enotel shareholders.


Our vision is to expand and to be a reference within the hotel industry.


  • Customer Satisfaction – to exceed expectations in meeting each and every guest’s need
  • Ethics – to conduct business in accordance with the Enotel code of ethics
  • Quality of Service – to do what we do better than any other hotel company
  • Social Responsibility – to embrace responsibility for the company's actions, and to encourage positive impact through our activities on the environment and the surrounding community

Company History

The Estêvão Neves Group was founded in 1982, and expanded in 1988. In 1996, we entered into a partnership with the Sonae Group, Portugal’s largest business group; two years later, Estêvão Neves Group launched the exclusive Enotel hotel brand with the acquisition of Enotel Quinta do Sol, a four-star hotel in Madeira’s most fashionable neighborhood.

In 2000, the Estêvão Neves Group acquired the prestigious Enotel Golf in Santo da Serra. Again in partnership with Sonae Group, the group established MadeiraShopping in 2001. That same year, the Enotel Baía was built in the sunny beachfront village of Ponta do Sol.

In September 2006, the Estêvão Neves Group became an international holdings group with the opening of the first Enotel property in Brazil, Enotel Resort & Spa Porto de Galinhas. In partnership with RCI the “Enotel Vacation Club” was created in Brazil in 2008, offering customers an all-inclusive loyalty program. The program was launched within the Madeira properties in 2012. 

The group acquired the Enotel Lido in 2010 – their first 5-star property in Madeira, and the first all-inclusive hotel in the region.

Enotel Hotels Management

The Estêvão Neves Group created Enotel Hotels Management S.A. in order to expand its management to third parties. Our management is focused on quality service, customer satisfaction, return on stakeholder investment, innovation, and company enhancement. Estêvão Neves Group possesses expertise in all-inclusive hotel revenue models; our stakeholders are provided with up-to-date information via operational reports and indicator management methodology.

Future Projects

2016 will mark the launch of Enotel Monumental Club, situated in Madeira’s famous Estrada Monumental. This 456-room property will function as an all-inclusive resort, and will feature large gardens, rooms with unrivaled views, a huge variety of themed restaurants, a spa, and several shops.


In addition to excellent benefits and a supportive and welcoming work environment, a career with the Enotel Hotels & Resorts Collection offers an opportunity for growth and advancement within the company. 

View our job listings and embark on a rewarding career with one of our unique properties in Madeira, Portugal and Porto de Galinhas, Brazil.